Crypto Exchanges

These are places i would recommend to buy cryptocurrencies if you are looking to get some. 


Coinbase is the leading cryptocurrency exchange with 56 million and counting more verified users using the platform. Coinbase only offer a limited amount of currencies to buy such as Bitcoin, Etheruem, Litecoin and around 90 more. Coinbase do usually introduce new coins on the occasion giving the users more of a choice of what they can trade. They offer a learn and earn scheme, all this means is that you watch some videos about a particular currency and answer some question to be rewarded with that currency/ coin. When signing up to Coinbase you can also use the Coinbase pro exchange which is run by the same company but it gives you more of a professional view on the currency pairs such as candle sticks and indicators as well as lower fees. They do have apps which you can download to your mobile phone, this therefore allows you to track your crypto anywhere. In my opinion Coinbase is a place i can trust to buy and move my crypto around to other wallets and  would highly recommend if you're looking to get into trading crypto.


Coinbase Pro

Using the link allows you to earn approximately $8 when investing $100 on any cryptocurrency.


Binance is another top crypto exchange I would recommend you to trade crypto on. Binance is also up there with Coinbase for being one of the largest crypto marketplaces except they offer a lot more. They already offer great protection and easy access to buying, selling or moving crypto just like Coinbase but they also offer many other things within the exchange. The things Binance offer are many different currency pairs, this is well up in the 100's - 1000's of different coins offered, although some are higher risk due to being smaller volatile coins. The interface of the website is a lot more professional view but you can change it to a more basic edition if you dont understand all the tools and resources shown to you on the screen. They give you the option to trade futures and leverage your trades, this means you can either make or lose a lot of money very quickly and should learn how it works before jumping in. They give you the option to stake your coins and to also earn interest on your coins, this means you will increase your crypto balance with time. Binance offer an academy and learning tools if you really want to get into trading crypto but in my opinion it's a great, fast and efficient place trade crypto.

Using the link offers you lower trading fees when buying/ selling cryptocurrencies on Binance.